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Data Analytics (D&A)

The Rationale

Data is the new Oil? Instead, we believe that “Data is the new Sun” is a more relevant analogy to describe its high value for business and society. Similarly, data can power an infinite number of uses, never wears out or depreciates, and never depletes.

As a result, data is the fuel, and analytics is the engine that converts it into renewable, valuable energy for business and society. 

data analytics challenges

The Challenge

Companies have more data and more ways to use it than ever before. Consequently, it increasingly difficult to unlock its full potential. To illustrate, here are a few common questions that represent the challenges in the market today:

  • Have we gained the most value from data?
  • Have we optimally governed, secured, and managed our data and its access?
  • What technology do we really need?
  • How can we minimize the risk of failure of our D&A initiatives?
  • How can we build and scale our capabilities?

Moreover, every company faces unique challenges and priorities when it comes to delivering value from data.

What we deliver

data analytics consulting services

How we can help


Practical D&A-specific assessment to create the right blueprint and best practice plan


D&A training, workshop and recruitment to drive adoption, productivity, and skills development


Support the launch of your D&A project with reliable and skilled team

data analytics approach

Our approach

InsightFore is a laser-focused D&A Consulting Services provider. Therefore, we take a comprehensive approach to your data challenges, helping you identify and overcoming obstacles, such as:

  • How to initiate D&A and its potential use cases? How to track the benefits?
  • More and more data is coming in. What data do we have, and where? Any sensitive information, is it secured?
  • Don’t have D&A available in a timely manner? Its performance also degrades over time?
  • Overwhelmed by the sheer number of purpose-specific D&A tools and its processes to manage?
  • Keep adding more D&A Infrastructure. However, is it effective and efficient?
  • How to build and scale D&A capabilities?
  • and many more..

What to expect

Clarity to move forward

Prioritize analytics initiatives based on value and feasibility, and execute through process built for flexibility and sustainable growth.

Data culture organization

Align people and technologies around clear roles, accountabilities and processes for development, data ownership, access governance and daily operations support.

Technology that suits your needs

Streamline and standardize your data architecture and processes for optimum outcome.

About us

Our team

The team has an average of 10+ years of experience in D&A, with roles from D&A Consultant, Systems Engineer and Solutions Architect.

Certainly, we are confident that together we can meet the challenges ahead, and stand ready to partner with you on your D&A journey.

Our values define who we are

Growth mindset and deliver the right quality results for your success

Execute integrity, respect, and ownership

Teamwork and collaboration; bring values with trust in mind

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